How T.Js Angels T3 Services Came to Be

Updated: Nov 10

I love my profession as a nurse, educator and even more so as a mentor. I love mentoring our youth, hoping just maybe I can reach one and impact their life for the better. God has ordered my steps and obediently I have followed His way. In doing that, I'm able to have a testimony and I'm able to minister to my patients, my staff, colleagues, and students when needed. I know that God is using me. I am very grateful and blessed to be T. J’s mother, very grateful and blessed to have a testimony to share with others. This year, T.J would have turned 20 on his birthday April 21.

For so many years, I have internally sheltered myself from others as I bore the daily pain of losing T.J., to realizing that because of him, I have gained so much. I have gain friends, relationships, and opportunities to speak life into others that built hope in them while facing their fears. I realized that T.J. was a hero, for so many other people to live, and one of those people is me. I have learned, patience, mercy, grace, peace and understanding that I can share with others. We founded TJS ANGELS after he passed in 2001 by opening a family operated child care home for Eglin AFB members and their dependents , we operated until all of the six of our kids relocated to another duty stationed. I have managed to do formal mentoring and consulting since my sophomore year in high school, I was an after school tutor for Chicago Public Schools and I have continued that every since. Every year during T.J’s birthday and death day, I would mourn tremendously.

This year (2022) I am choosing to celebrate him differently. I am telling my story, working on creating a scholarship fund in T.J’ s memory for graduating high school seniors and college students pursuing an education in nursing, education, and engineering. My goal is to produce competent, safe, productive, engaged individuals that never stop learning as I transition from the hospital setting to academia. I hope to produce individuals that go on to love, lead, listen and nurse, lead and teach with intent, all while being lifelong learners. No marketing, no gimmicks, no trends, just hard work, dedication, and a genuine appreciation for the beauty that is life. In order to fulfil my purpose and build brighter futures.

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